Foxnovo Creality CR-10 3D Printer Fully Assembled DIY Kit, Aluminium, Large Print Size 300X300X400mm with heated bed

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【Large Print Size】This large build volume(300X300X400mm) makes the diy 3d printer kit an excellent choice for any maker,hobbyist,educator or student who are looking to create wonderful and custom projects for work,education,or even just leisure.
【Fully Assembled】The cr10 3d printer kit comes pre-assembled and pre-calibrated.So you just need about 10 minutes to assemble well. We even include sample models you can print.
【Fdm 3d Printer】 For the FDM,you can have a cheap 3D printer which supports more filament types than other 3D printer technologies,such as PLA,ABS,TPE,TPU,etc.
【Excellent Print】High accuracy bearings and high quality parts like heated bed and adjustable extruder temperature,makes the 3D Printer much more stable and quiet when printing.
【Foxnovo Service】Enjoy full refund or a replacement and superb customer service while you order the CR-10 3d printer and get it delivered in just 2-3 days.

    • Product Description

      Print a building model with the CR-10 3D printer

      FDM compared with SLA

      Molding space:

      The FDM 3D printer is flexible in architecture, has an XYZ frame structure, has a triangular structure, and has a robotic arm, so the forming space can be made small or large.(small like foxnove Ender 3 ,large like Foxnovo CR-10)

      Printing supplies:

      FDM machines are now more popular, and the consumables are cheap, mainly including PLA, ABS, TPE, TPU, etc.

      Among them, PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic that does not produce an unpleasant smell when printed, so it is relatively safe and suitable for use in offices, classrooms and homes.

      ABS is a kind of thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, good toughness and easy processing.

      The melting point temperature of ABS is higher than PLA. The platform must be heated during printing to avoid the curling of the consumables.

      TPE / TPU flexible material can produce objects with particularly good stretchability. However, it is difficult to print, especially for a remotely fed 3D printer, it is difficult to control the advancement and retreat of flexible materials.

      High cost performance:

      FDM industrial equipment mainly involves mechanical movement and control. Relatively speaking, the technical threshold and cost are relatively low. In addition, the utilization efficiency of raw materials is high and there is no pollution of poisonous gas or chemical substances, which greatly reduces the cost. So it is high cost performance than others.

      The Creality cr-10 3d printer has large print size 300X300X400mm

      The Creality cr-10 3d printer has large print size 300X300X400mm

      • Most of the desktop 3D printer of FDM technology are under 250mm, and the Creality CR-10 can reach 300*300*400mm.
      • Printing Size: 11.8" x 11.8" x 15.8" ( 300x 300 x 400mm)
      • Machine size: 490 x 600 x 615 mm
      • Machine net weight: 10.3kg
      • Package size: 540 x 640 x 310 mm
      • Package weight: 14kg

      The Creality cr-10 3d printer has large print size 300X300X400mm

      This 3D printer diy kit has SD card and usb interface

      LCD display of this 3d printer can make operation more easily

      The details about components of the fully assembled 3d printer