Foxnovo is a growing global company specializing in Consumer Electronics and related products. we are gradually and strategically expanding our bases to include offices in USA, India, Germany and Russia. We currently serve a worldwide audience with our major focus on the North & South American markets & the Russian subcontinent. Foxnovo manufactures a series of high quality Android Tablet PCs, Notebooks and Electronic Accessories. The Foxnovo tablet PCs and related accessories, iPhone and ipad Kits and other electronics and related products have you covered for all your consumer electronic needs. Our products are currently sold through a wide range of channels, ranging from mass merchandisers, electronics superstores, office superstores, online retailers, TV based home shopping networks, major distributors and independent retailers. In addition to these channels, we also work closely with non-related institutions for promotional opportunities.

Foxnovo has the product that's right for you. Best prices every day, guaranteed!

We are currently represented at over 2000 retail outlets world wide with a growing number of online retailer websites. This list continues to grow as we expand our breadth of product categories. We are supported with a dedicated warehouse space of approximately 10,000 square feet, advanced warehouse management software system and full EDI capability. Distribution center, direct-to-store and direct-to-customer shipments are integrated for our customers to make our order fulfillment process seamless.

Name and address of the applicant
Shenzhen Shidai Zhongchuang Investment Co., Ltd.
21G, Hongfuge, Caifu Building, Caitian Road, Futian District,, Shenzhen City,CN
Serial number of the application: (Europe)011974003
Status: Registered (2013-11-11)
We authorize below company to use the brand Foxnovo on E-commerce platforms on behalf of Shenzhen Shidai Zhongchuang Investment Co., Ltd.and sell products bearing Foxnovo brand.
深圳哈港露贸易有限公司(shenzhen ha gang lu mao yi you xian gong si) Amazon`s store name:Vestle Seller ID: A2HA9TBPQ90649
深圳宏利万利科技有限公司(Shenzhen Hongliwanli Keji Youxian Gongsi) Amazon`s store name:Megafoundeu Seller ID: AE38Q3AZ5S3LO
深圳腾宇四通科技有限公司(shenzhen tengyusitong keji youxian gongsi) Amazon`s store name:beshinning Seller ID: A1TJEII7DIV6WL
深圳回章利仕科技有限公司(Shenzhen Huizhanglishi Keji Youxian Gongsi )Amazon`s store name:Euprimojoy Seller ID: A1FLNLEIWMLAMA

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